Gaumaya Dampseal

Primer- Prakritik


  • Finish – Damp Seal
  • Coverage – Basis Dilution
  • Application – Exterior
  • Washability – Best in Class
  • Life – 7 Years
Product Details

About Gaumaya Dampseal

Gaumaya Dampseal is a waterproofing coating for exterior horizontal surfaces like terraces, parapets and also a waterproofing basecoat for vertical walls. Its supreme waterproofing solution, resists up to 3 bars of positive waterproofing pressure on vertical surfaces and 5 bars of positive waterproofing pressure on horizontal surfaces.


1. Easy application

2. 3 year warranty (recommended application system followed)

3. Better whiteness and hiding power as against regular primer.

4. Prevents Water through cracks


- Do not apply when ambient temperature is less than 10°C or if the temperature might drop to this level within 4 hrs of application

- Do not apply when humidity is greater than 90%. It may cause prolonged drying time of paint and moisture condensation on the walls.

- Gaumaya Dampseal is not designed for application over excessive dampness (moisture level above 40%)

- Make sure that Paint is thoroughly stirred and strained before application.

- Subsequent coats of top coat is to be done as per the recommendation for respective topcoats.

Painting Care:

• Ensure that surface is properly cleaned and free from any loosely held plaster/powder.

• Make sure that moisture content in the surface is not more than 40%.

• Gaumaya Dampseal is recommended to be applied by brush followed by roller for levelling.

• Maintain coverage of 100 sq. ft. /lit for optimum results.
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