Gaumaya Dampproof

Primer- Prakritik


  • Finish – Wet Surface
  • Coverage – Basis Dilution
  • Application – Exterior
  • Washability – Best in Class
  • Life – 8 Years
Product Details

About Gaumaya Dampproof

Gaumaya Dampproof provides fiber reinforced waterprrofing solution. Gaumaya Dampproof upon curing, forms a thick, seamless, durable layer offering ultimate waterproofing.


1. 8 years waterproofing warranty on terraces and vertical surfaces.

2. Unmatched crack bridging.

3. Glass fibers for superior abrasion resistance

4. Reduces temperature upto 10 degrees celsius


- Fill all the cracks before applying Gaumaya Dampproof

- Ensure a forced coverage of 10 sq. ft./L

- Do not apply during rains or extreme temperature (Application temparature range 5-35 degree celsius)

Painting Care:

- Ensure that surface is properly cleaned and free from any loosely held plaster/powder.

- Cracks up to 3 mm on the surface are filled with Crack Seal

- Suitable slope is provided to the roof to avoid water ponding
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