Gaumaya Basecoat

Primer- Prakritik


  • Finish – Weather Shield
  • Coverage – Basis Dilution
  • Application – Wet Surface
  • Washability – Best in Class
  • Life – 10 Years
Product Details

About Gaumaya Basecoat

Gaumaya Dampproof Basecoat protects your homes from leakage by extreme rains. It offers 10 years of waterproofing warranty on terraces and exterior walls.


1. 10 years waterproofing warranty on terraces and vertical surfaces.

2. Glass fibers for superior abrasion resistance

3. Reduces temperature upto 10 degrees celsius

4. Assured protection against Dampness and Efflorescence.


- Fill all the cracks before applying Gaumaya Dampproof

- Ensure a forced coverage of 10 sq. ft./L

- Do not apply during rains or extreme temperature (Application temparature range 5-35 degree celsius)

Painting Care:

- Ensure that surface is properly cleaned and free from any loosely held plaster/powder.

- Cracks up to 3 mm on the surface are filled with Crack Seal

- Suitable slope is provided to the roof to avoid water ponding
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